iPoster invitations have been sent out to all Trainees who have registered and submitted an abstract for a poster presentation at this year's Trainee Day!

Please review the detailed instructions & guides sent out in the email from iPosters in addition to our guide below. All abstracts have been accepted. If you have not received login information, please contact the Trainee Day Student Chair


We will be working with the iPosterSessions team to bring our traditional poster session to a virtual format comprised of two parts; (1) Virtual Poster Gallery and (2) Authors Panel Q&A.


Trainees will be invited to create interactive posters on the iPosters platform that will be hosted in a secure, online gallery for attendees to view the week leading up to the conference. Each poster will contain an audio file of the author presenting their research. Questions for poster authors will be addressed during a Panel Q&A scheduled during the conference.

Information for poster authors here

Information for attendees here 

Volunteer judges will receive updated instructions for judging iPosters prior to the event.  


More details regarding iPosters can be found on the company's website here. For any additional questions or concerns please contact the Trainee Day Student Chair

Information for Poster Authors

Registration and abstract submission

Please review the guidelines here for poster abstracts as they will receive a judging mark. During registration, poster abstracts will also be submitted to one of the categories outlined in the Talks section. 

Trainees who have submitted an abstract to AND registered by Friday, September 18th will receive a unique login from the iPosters team for their personal workspace on the iPosters website. Please note the new Trainee day email for poster abstract submissions.

Poster creation

Step 1. Login into your workspace and choose a poster template

1. Poster creation has opened Monday, October 5th on the iPosters website. The iPosters staff has provided detailed instructions and will be available for technical support throughout the process.

Step 2. Import your data, copy and paste text, add video files and more!

2. Trainees will be able to choose from 6 templates to showcase their research. With the unlimited space in content boxes, take advantage of the interactive platform to add videos, slide shows and more! We encourage Trainees to take a look at some of the examples on the iPosters site here.

Step 3. Record a 5 min walk-through of your research and attach to your iPoster

3. As a substitute for the in-person presentation, we ask that Trainees record a 5 min presentation of their poster. Judges will be assigning a mark in the presentation component based on how well Trainees can summarize the important points of their research. Audio files can be easily attached through the iPosters platform. 

Step 4. Tag your iPoster with keywords to help you connect with Trainees of similar interest

4. iPosters allows poster authors to tag their poster with up to three keywords. This will make it easier for registered attendees to search the gallery and network with Trainees of similar interests or learn something new! iPosters will be automatically tagged with the category the abstract was submitted to.

Step 6. Publish your iPoster to the Gallery

6. The deadline to complete and publish posters to the password-protected gallery is Monday, November 2nd. Upon completion of the conference, all data and information uploaded to the iPosters server will be deleted.

Author Panel Q&A

During the conference, Trainees will address questions during a scheduled Panel Q&A. Each poster author will be given a zoom link where they will join 1-2 other authors of the same poster category. Q&As will last 25 minutes, where attendees will join the room and post their questions in the chat. Each room will have a moderator that will manage the question period. Authors are asked to remain in their scheduled Q&A for the full 25 minute period. Trainees will be judged for their ability to answer questions.

Step 5. Attach your assigned zoom link to your iPoster

5. The Trainee Day team has forwarded to the iPoster team all dates, times and zoom links for  poster Q&A session. The zoom links will be automatically attached to Trainee's posters. During the conference, Trainee's can access their Q&A session using the "live session" button located in the bottom right hand corner of their poster. 

Information for attendees

Registered attendees will be forwarded login information for the Virtual Poster Gallery to start viewing posters November 4th. To browse the Gallery with ease, use the provided keywords or poster categories. Attendees can listen to the poster presentation with the audio file provided by the poster author. Questions will be addressed during the Panel Q&A portion of the conference. Each poster will have a zoom link listed under the authors information to inform attendees of when they will be taking questions. 

Be sure to fully explore the content of a trainee's iPoster! Enlarge data images, listen to clips in each section that walk you through the trainee's research and enjoy the interactive experience provided by iPosters! 

Code of Conduct

As with an in-person conference, please respect the content of the posters in the Virtual Gallery. Contact information for poster authors will be provided if your questions are not answered during the Panel Q&A session. Please do not take screenshots or record information in any manner as you would not take photographs of posters at an in-person conference without permission. 

Panel Q&A Format

There will be two Panel Q&A sessions where 2-3 poster authors will be hosted at a time in a Zoom room for questions. Attendees are asked to type their questions into the chat and the moderator for that room will direct the question to the appropriate poster author.


Attendees can access the Q&A sessions using the "live session" button at the bottom right hand corner of each Trainee's iPoster. 

Poster authors will be grouped together based on the category they chose during registration. Please review the different categories on the Talks page. Our team will ensure that poster authors from the same labs are not grouped together to help Trainees network with different research groups. 

Q&A sessions will last approximately 25 minutes. Depending on the number of poster abstract submissions, there may be Q&A sessions running concurrently. Our team will ensure that different poster categories are presenting at the same time. This will maximize the number of poster authors attendees can reach out to in the field of research they are interested in.